Santa's mail box

Santa’s mailbox is a service that lets people write to santa and receive a handwritten, personalised response.

I had this idea around late October of 2020, when the COVID situation in the UK was getting worse. I wondered what would get affected by a national lockdown near Christmas and thought about children visiting Santa to ask him for stuff for Christmas day.

Essentially, the premise was that with fewer people able to see Santa, I would offer a service where I would send a kit containing some writing material and an addressed envelope so a child could write a letter to Santa himself and then receive a handwritten personal reply.

It would be a lot of work for a single person to read and hand-write personal responses. However, I found a handwriting robot online that looked really cool. And I thought I would buy and use that (I didn’t end up buying one in the end, but I still want to play with one) to handle the writing part of things.

Unfortunately, by the time I had committed to the idea and put up a store it was too late to get any momentum and sales with enough time to actually fulfill any orders.

I wasn’t even sure whether to include this as one of my projects because it died so soon after being started. But I do think that it’s important to acknowledge failures.

Status: 💀