Art by an AI is a site that hosts a daily prompt comptetition. The winners get an image of their prompt generated by an AI.

I purchased the domain back in early 2020 when I first got into AI generated art. During the 18 months that the domain was going unused I had a lot of different ideas about what I could do with it. But I could never settle on one.

After I had played around with VQGAN+CLIP I started thinking more about the potential. There were a bunch of people who wanted to feed prompts into VQGAN+CLIP but couldn’t do it themselves.

So I thought that it might be fun to do it as a comptetition, where people vote on their favourite prompts each day. And only the top 10 get generated.

From there people have the opportunity to buy a print or canvas of the art - but only for 24 hours until the next batch is generated.

The competition and the ethereal nature of the art feels like an art piece itself. I like that about this project. It doesn’t feel overly serious.

Status: ✅