Hire me

A portion of my time is set aside for freelance project work where I offer a range of services that utilize my unique skillset and experience. If you haven’t seen it you should look at my projects page to get an idea of what I’ve created in the past. I love working in small teams, and especially with niche products.

I am extremely responsive to email during the workday and do not need micromanaging. Currently, I’m based in the UK.

Rates vary based on the type of work and the length of the project.

You should reach out even if what you’re looking for isn’t listed here. I like different challenges and projects. Even if I can’t help personally I might know someone good who can.

Reach out via email here.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP) development

Building a SaaS or some other digital product? I can build your MVP.

After years of experience building my own products I’ve created a lot of reusable code. In essence it means that I can create a powerful MVP in a short amount of time becuase the common functionality that you need can be adapted from previous work that I’ve done.

That means I can focus on building your core product instead of wasting time building stuff that’s already been done. So you get a fantastic starter product at a fraction of the cost.


If you need a programmer to work on other stuff - scripts, building-out systems, bug fixes, legacy code, etc. I can do that too.

Python, Django, Django REST framework, Pytorch, C/C++, Tailwind CSS, + more

PC build review

Custom PC builds can be tricky - especially for workstation or machine-learning builds where the hardware selection is important - and costly. I can help you design the ideal build within your budget for different work-flows.

There’s also the option for me to create a report detailing the component choices and rationale behind each.

Writing (inc technical)

From blog posts and content marketing to documentation and guides. Technical and non-technical.

Consultation sessions

I do 30 minutes and 1 hour calls where you can talk to me about (almost) anything - though a booking for my expertise and input is best:

  • Product feedback
  • Product validation
  • Product roadmaps
  • Landing page review
  • Other topics within SaaS / info products / software / online business
  • Strength sports
  • Anything else within my expertise

Here’s how it will work:

  • You’ll come up with an agenda / topics that you want to discuss
  • I’ll accept or decline based on whether I think I will be able to provide value
  • We’ll organize a time that suits based on our availability.

Contact me to organize a session! $50 / 30 minutes