May 2022 retro

Like last month, I’m deviating from my typical retrospective format. Unlike last month, my productivity has been better. And I’ve made good progress on the new project.

New project

This month I started development on my new project, Glacier Blocks. It’s a Tailwind CSS UI kit using a colourscheme that is based on the cool and minimal palette of Nord.

The idea for a UI kit has been in the back of my mind for a while. But the decision to actually build one came just after I re-designed this personal site. Not only is it a way for me to get better at designing and implementing Tailwind, but there are a few other benefits too.

The first is that it’s a one-time sale product. Some won’t see this as a benefit - after all recurring revenue is king. But I’ve decided to strip back to basics and do the ‘stair step’ approach. i.e. a one-time sale product that brings in some revenue, then using that as a stepping stone to a SaaS business.

Another major benefit to me is that there are a lot of Tailwind template / UI Kit / component directory sites. Which means that I’ll be able to submit Glacier Blocks to them to drive some traffic. Hopefully as a way to generate leads and sales.

Originally, I had planned to launch the first version of Glacier Blocks by the end of May. And I got really close. Now the launch is planned for sometime next month.

Other updates

PC Nameplates

There have been no sales of PC Nameplates since March. Normally there’s at least 1 sale each month, and often a few more inquiries that ultimately end up going nowhere. There haven’t even been inquiries and traffic to the Etsy store is low.

How much of the change in due to the slight price increase that I made a couple of months ago, and how much can be attributed to people having less disposable income and general worries about a looming recession?

Regardless, it’s not a big deal. I’d be more worried if it was something I was actively working on.

May’s revenue from projects: $0

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