Burnt - March 2022 retro

I got burnt. Hard. I kept telling myself to stop being lazy until I saw my git history and realized that I hadn’t been productive in a while. On anything. I ended up taking a full week off of project work. It helped somewhat, but I’m still lost.

The last few months have been really difficult on most fronts and my projects have suffered a lot. Revenue is still low - effectively 0 - and it’s getting to the point where I need to generate some revenue outside of my product endeavours.

It’s no surprise that motivation has been falling either. Spending hours of time and effort trying to move the needle and getting no results isn’t fun.

This is my March update.

Projects I’m talking about this month

Map of Strength - A gym finder for strength athletes.

My full project list is here

March’s goals

Grow Map of Strength’s gym numbers to at least 200 (+36) ❌

I don’t even know how many I added this month. Maybe 1?

Flesh-out the Map of Strength automated data collection ❌

I basically didn’t work on Map of Strength this month. A couple of bugs got fixed on the site. But nothing more than that.

The automated data collection still needs to happen. For now it’s being pushed to April.


  • Sold 4 PC Nameplates

It was a good month for nameplate sales - the most I’ve had in a month I believe. The only work I do is handling customers, creating the plates, and shipping them.

The extra sales this month could be because I raised the prices last month. But there’s really not enough data to say what really made the difference.

I still have no real desire to market the product because of the low margins. But it keeps on ticking over.

  • The best month for liftingstones.org yet

March was the best month for liftingstones.org traffic since last August’s spike.

The growth in visitors was prompted by 2 different stonelifting events at the Arnold Sports Festival at the start of the month.

Interestingly, after the spike of traffic from the weekend, the overall number of visitors has remained consistently higher than usual throughout the month.

A new article was published, and I sent out the monthly newsletter which keeps growing slowly but steadily each month.

April’s goals

  • Figure out what our next project is going to be

I have a bunch of ideas for potential projects. But I have a few issues that I need to solve before committing to any. My main issue is that I need to know what my marketing strategy will be before I go and build it. And I also need to make sure that it’s going to be something people actually want.

  • Make some progress on Map of Strength

March’s revenue from projects: $80

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