Oh - October 2021 retro

September was the final month of my ‘1 project per month’ challenge. Now I have a portfolio of projects that have the potential to grow - all in search of ‘ramen profitable’ revenue.

But unfortunately, October didn’t exactly go as planned.

This is my October update.

Recap of the projects I’m talking about this month

PC Nameplates - An Etsy style product. Custom aluminium plates for LianLi O11D PC cases.

Map of Strength - A directory of top gyms for enthusiast lifters and strength-sport competitors.

TweetSponsor - Monetize your tweets with sponsors.

My full project list is here

October didn’t go the way I expected it to. I took a little time off which was great. But once it was over I found that I didn’t have much motivation to keep working on my current projects.

In fact. I struggled to write this retrospective which is why it’s a little later than usual. Turns out it’s not fun to write about failing to hit your monthly goals.

October’s goals

Finish the blog post about killing Sterki and its failure as a SaaS ❌

I don’t think I even looked at the blog post in October. I will write about this because I learned a lot from the whole project.

Write a blog post about my 6 projects in 6 months project ❌

Reflecting on the 6 projects in 6 properly is something I really want to do. Especially because I think that now that I don’t have a goal of launching an MVP each month, I need better goals to keep me on track and motivated - and somewhat pressured.

Deadlines definitely helped with getting things done in the past months.

Create some real (consistent) Instagram content for Map of Strength. Get >50 followers ❌

Lack of motivation and a low mood aren’t particularly helped by social media, so I put off doing anything on that front.

There is a post that I prepped and created back in August (I think?) that I never got round to posting because the owner of the gym I was talking to never got back to me. So I don’t know whether to post it or not. Obviously I’ve been avoiding it.

Take a few days off ✔

At the start of the month I took a much needed break from building stuff. The constant barrage of things on the TODO list were draining. Particularly when I had to work on previous month’s projects and a new project at the same time.

Look into NFTs for ArtByAnAI ❌

Most of what I see of NFTs look like obvious scams or people trying desperately to cash in on the trend. Almost every day on the ArtByAnAI Instagram I get message requests from spam accounts trying to promote NFTs.

And I don’t really want to participate in the ecosystem, fighting through the noise to try and earn some money by selling tokens. I might just do it quietly by listing NFTs of art that has been generated on ArtByAnAI that I like.

I still haven’t actually done research into how to mint and sell NFTs, and how much it costs to get set up. If it’s more than the amount of Eth that I own (not a lot) I probably won’t bother.


  • 1 sale of a PC Nameplate

Etsy continues to the heavy lifting for selling nameplates despite me not doing anything other than fulfilling the orders. +$15

I wonder if there’s going to be any significant differences for Christmas orders in November?

  • Twitter permanently suspended my account

I’ve been put in the Twitter slammer. At the start of October I opened Twitter and saw the message saying I was permanently suspended. I checked out the email and found the suspension was for ‘Spam and platform manipulation’. Though I hadn’t tweeted anything in days. So I really don’t know what triggered the ban.

I sent an appeal, but have heard nothing so far (1 month later…). So I don’t know what to do. I was just getting comfortable tweeting about stuff I’ve been working on. And I had just hit 100 organic followers.

It also seems odd that it was an immediate permanent suspension. Normally you’d get a warning and maybe a few days of suspension before being hit with a permanent one if you were continually breaking the rules.

Right now I’m not confident I’ll get my 12 year old account back. And I can’t make any more or they will be banned too.

Twitter is really the only social media platform that I care about being able to use too…

One thing it has done is shown me which accounts I followed that I actually cared about. Because I now have to directly go to their page to see their tweets. The short of it is, not all that many.

  • Listed TweetSponsor for sale

After taking those few days off at the start of the month and doing a little thinking, I decided that I want sell the project to someone else. For me, the ‘product / founder fit’ isn’t really there. But I think the idea has a bunch of potential. As an MVP there’s also a lot of flexibility for the next owner too. I don’t expect for it to sell for a lot. But I would prefer that it go to someone and get built, rather than being left to rot.

  • Interviews

Last month I briefly mentioned a very exciting opportunity. Which was a potential job at a cool startup. I went through the whole interview process and ultimately didn’t get the job. The process was pretty long, and took over a lot of my focus for October.

I’m a little sad because I was super excited about it. But there’s no hard feelings.

November goals

Here are my November goals:

  • Sell TweetSponsor and transfer the project to the new owner
  • Figure out what’s next for my current projects
  • Make some progress on my posts (6 project retrospective, and killing my first SaaS)

October’s revenue from projects: $30

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