March - March 2021 retro

March was a weird month. I worked through my notice period at work meaning I’m now full-time working on my own projects. I have enough money saved to last a while without any significant income. But I’ll be looking for some freelance work to make things more sustainable.

My departure from work was bittersweet. It was definitely time for me to move on, but I didn’t get to properly say bye to the people I enjoyed working with because of the whole pandemic.

After leaving I took a week off of everything, which is why this retrospective is a little late. I also started playing around with generative art again. Since last year (when I last played around with generative art) there has been a bunch of progression in the space, and it’s been really fun to play around.

March’s goals

My goals for March were pretty simple. Nothing too interesting because of the transition away from my job.

Make a ‘loose’ plan for the rest of the year ✔️

I made a fairly loose plan for the rest of the year. With the next couple of months being more planned out than the later ones. I find that longer term plans often need revising anyway, so fairly flexible ones work for me.

I’ve decided to start a new project each month. With the first project starting now. I’m hoping that doing this will push me to build and launch faster, and also kill projects if they’re not working. If anything, it’s just practice for building stuff - and hopefully finding something valuable.

Write March retrospective ✔️

I ended up writing this slightly into April because of my break. But staying disciplined and writing it regardless is better than dropping it completely.

April goals

I’ve started on my new project which will be my focus for April. I’m not sharing it just yet, but I’m excited about the potential of it. Have you ever had an idea and then seen people creep in the direction of it? There’s a pressure and motivation that hits you when you want to be the first to create it. I guess that’s just the feeling of competitiveness, with the exception that I don’t know whether anyone else is going to participate.

Anyway. The goals:

  • Continue researching and developing a prototype for my new project
  • Decide whether to continue creating it, or to scrap it
  • Write the April retrospective

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