F February - February 2021 retro

It’s safe to say that February hasn’t been good for my projects. And I don’t really have too much to say about it either.

I don’t like to make excuses. But I think an explanation for why there hasn’t been much progress would be nice to have.

This month I had a pretty difficult time dealing with my mental health. I had to take some days off from my day job because of it. Obviously this impacted my projects too.

I’m skipping a lot of details, but I’ve made the decision to resign from my day job. There are a bunch of reasons why I decided to leave. Although I won’t be talking about them here. There are some things I will miss - mostly the people - but it’s definitely the right decision.

February’s goals

There was basically no real progress with Sterki this month despite my plans to work on some much needed improvements and outreach.

Resume reaching out to people and find at least 1 person that is interested in Sterki. ❌

I don’t have much to say here.

Revise UI - The mobile interface isn’t good for certain tasks. ❌

Again, there hasn’t really been any progress here, but I have ideas and a roadmap for the UI revision. Meaning there has been at least some forward progress.

Write February retrospective ✔️

Despite the slow progress this month, I still think it’s important to keep track and think about the month ahead. This was a very quick retrospective, so I haven’t really edited it - it’s pretty much just my thoughts.

As a slight aside - last month I talked about my desktop build and my lack of a real GPU (thanks to the global shortage and crazy demand). I got *disgustingly* lucky and managed to snag a 3080 Founder’s Edition at MSRP. Probably the best result I could’ve hoped for. I installed it and will be working on some more ML stuff - particularly art.

March goals

I’m not going to plan to do much specific project work this month. I think it’s important to focus on my transition away from the day job, and to figure out what’s next. If I happen to make progress on projects, then that’s a nice bonus.

  • Work-out my notice period and leave my day job.
  • Make a ‘loose’ plan for the rest of the year.

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