Software engineer, strength enthusiast, creator.

Writing candidly about my projects, monthly retrospectives, and whatever I'm interested in at the time.

Necromancer of Should I Grow a Beard? - a site that helps people decide whether or not to grow a beard. Read the story behind it here.

Founder of Map of Strength - a map of gyms for enthusiast lifters and strength-sport competitors.

Creator of PC Nameplates - a way to customise, personalise, and theme desktop PCs.

'Author' of Grim Tales - (perhaps the first) book written and illustrated by AI.

Founder of Sterki, an online coaching platform that allows sports coaches to work online.

Creator of, to share research about historic lifting stones.

And plenty of 'failed' projects.

I am available for freelance programming or writing (inc technical). We might be a good match if you have an interesting or niche early-stage project that I can help get off the ground. I primarily use C/C++ and Python (+ Django, Pytorch).

Email me for a more detailed CV here.